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Affil service

Let us sharpen your knives

Cookers, butchers, confectioners, fishmongers, individuals … Outsource the maintenance of your knives in our workshops.
A minimum of 6 knives per shipment through the Déglon distributors.
● Guarantee of a controlled sharpening: no blade burnt, or worn prematurely.
● Re-shipment within 10 days after receipt.

Several options available:

Smooth cutting blades:
1- Simple sharpening, possible for regularly maintained knives.
2- Complete sharpening with prior operation of thinning the cutting edge before sharpening.

Serrated cutting blades:
1- Notching operation of large half-moon teeth, for bread, fish knives.
2- Quarter-moon toothed notching operation, for dessert and pastry knives.
3- Micro-mixed teeth notching operation, for fish, steak, tomato knives…

Products in the range

Ref. 3611720-C

- Dimensions (cm) : 32 x 3.5 x 1.5...
- Weight (g) : 77 g

Bread knives & bread sli...

Ref. 3611019-C

- Dimensions (cm) : 31.5 x 2.8 x 1....
- Weight (g) : 75 g

Bread knives & bread sli...

Ref. 6974025-C

- Dimensions (cm) : 38 x 6 x 2.8 cm
- Weight (g) : 320 g

Large cheese knives: bac...